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YOUR Local Trusted Renovation Specialist

Leswhite Construction is a family owned business (Canadian Based) specializing in the design, renovation and construction of your homes and offices. Our dedication and devotion to our profession has made us a leader in our industry. Quality is evident in all our materials and in everything we do.
We provide services all over Ontario for many years giving our customers professional and personalized service.
We thrive to provide competitive prices and outstanding service. Our staff is highly trained and can assist you with design ideas and installation help, call or email us your product requests and we will be happy to be at your assistance.

Why Choose Us?
Whether you are adding a room, renovating an entire house, or something in between, you will find no better value than Premium Renovations. We work to be first in quality, first in service, and ultimately the first in exceeding your expectations.

Our Services

Planning & Design

Every project needs a properly structured plan that guides the renovation process; a road map with details. With our RENOVATION PLANNING you receive the benefits of having your project professionally planned and designed where the costs to properly plan are far less than the costs incurred by not planning at all.

Project Management

Remodeling your home is an involved experience! There are a lot of important decisions you will need to make from the time you approve the initial drawings, to enjoying your finished project. We know how important every decision you make is, and how important it is that you can follow every aspect of the process.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Kitchens & Bathroom Renovations today in homes are drastically different from the past; they now usually require extensive improvements to accommodate today's changed lifestyles. They involve numerous upgrades that are needed for expanded cooking areas within the home, as well as substantial electrical, plumbing, and HVAC work to support improved appliances and lighting requirements.

Basement Renovation

Almost every home has a basement. Unfortunately, many are unfinished, or have been renovated previously by DIYs and have not been done properly; it is common to see poorly insulated basements with illegal electrical and plumbing work, along with many other deficiencies. Renovating your basement with the same attention to details as the rest of your home will add vital functional living space and increase much needed storage and utility areas.

Commercial Units

An updated workspace can do wonders for the well being of you and your staff. Our goal is to create spaces that compliment your unique business, and do so with the utmost care and quality. From function to fine-trim details, rethinking your space has never been easier.

Medical Units

Having an accessible workplace allows for equality for all employees and patients and will have a positive impact of your whole workflow. The simple act of ensuring an inclusive workplace culture can make your employees and patients feel valued and appreciated.

We have built a solid reputation for quality workmanship, reliability, and competitive pricing. Our unique approach to working closely with our customers and our care for craftsmanship have lead to countless successful renovation projects.